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Part I — Framework choice

Recently an organization I am involved in, which focuses on harnessing data science tools for projects that promote public good, began the process of switching from a closed website that was built for us to a website that was created by the community. Our main goals were simplicity of contribution and to provide more up to date and accurate information. When thinking of our goals we wanted to focus on who would be using the site to update the content and how to make that easy for them. In an open-source world where most individuals time is voluntary it is hard to expect already busy people leading projects to keep their part of the website updated. This is why we wanted to focus on these people and how to make the process easy and useful for them. If it is not easy it will not be kept updated, so we also exploring what types of information can be kept up to date by leveraging the Github api. This could sort projects by most recent activity or by automatically creating the project page on the website when a repo is attend to the organization. We also have the viewer of the website to focus on. …

Daniel Starling

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