Chatilyzer — A WhatsApp Chat Analyzer & Visualization Tool

Once in while I’m having the “Side Project Fever” where I have an idea of a cool project and can’t stop coding until it’s out.

This time, the fever brought me to develop Chatilyzer.


Chatilyzer is a WhatsApp group analyzer and visualyzer.

We’re all using WhatsApp everyday, and we’re part of countless WhatsApp groups. But have you ever wondered what’s going on inside of these groups?

Well, Chatilyzer might help you find out. It’s a visualization tool that will tell you things like:

  • Who is the most chitty chatty person in your group
  • What’s the most common emoji
  • How many messages being sent everyday
  • Which hours are the busiest during the day

And more…

How is it working?

Although WhatsApp doesn’t reveal a public API, it does allow users to export their chat history into a *.txt file.

Chatilyzer allows you to import this file, and then it’s parsing and analyzing it in order to show you the visualization. Here’s an example of the results:

Chatilyzer results page example.

A word about privacy

I’m aware of the privacy issues this kind of tool has. No one want his WhatsApp chat history to be saved anywhere out side of WhatsApp.

The solution I used is to parse and analyze the history data in the client side, meaning, the server is not aware of the chat content. Then, after this phase is done, the app is saving the minimum data required in order to present the visualization. So the type of data that finally being saved mostly include numbers, counters, dates (, and emojis) — no messages, no content.

Sound interesting? Give it a shot on: