Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

Ah, yes. Another “useful idiot” awakening, becoming smarter- and less useful!

At a certain point, you realize that “progressive” is rebranding for state socialism, and that hard core killer Marxist revolutionaries run the show. They feed milk to babies, and, more discretely, the real meat to their lions. If your taste for the truth is still unsatisfied, you may discover that collectivization is something that the pinnacle of the world’s “capitalist” elite are striving toward. They don’t care what it’s called. They have almost finished gathering in the harvest; collectivization is their way of locking up the barn. Read Anthony C. Sutton. Your soul’s love of liberty (and fear of oppression and mind control) might lead you to investigate libertarian thought. When you read Ludwig von Mises “Socialism,” the chains will finally be struck off. Socialism can’t work. Prices cannot be set by central planning, no matter how much computerized systems-modelling they have on line. Only natural, free markets, of real, free, individual humans, associating voluntarily and keeping the product of their labor, can find the prices of goods — which are needed to effectively determine production and distribution. That’s why Socialism leads to shortages and famines, as in the USSR, China, and now Venezuela — and that is why Socialist governments mass-murder their citizens: 400 million in the 20th century alone. Marx believes individuals not only have no right to property — he states that they are merely a “confluence of social and economic forces,” with no reality in themselves. This is psychopathy. Mental illness. And it has led directly to the shedding of a veritable ocean of innocent blood within living memory.

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