by Daniel Stiles

Bua Noi, meaning ‘Little Lotus’ in Thai, is the only gorilla in Thailand. She has been residing since 1987 in the privately owned Pata Zoo in Bangkok, which takes up the top two floors of the seven-story high Pata Pinklao Department Store in the unfashionable west side of the Chaophraya River, which cuts through Bangkok, Thailand’s capital and largest city (8.2 million people).

Bua Noi has been living on top of the Pata Department Store for 33 years. (Photo: D. Stiles)

Pata Zoo was opened in 1983 by Vinai Sermsirimongkol, a businessman who owned the department store. Vinai converted the top two floors into a zoo, with cabinets and glass cases holding reptiles and amphibians…

On a hot, muggy day in October, an exotic pet trapper in an Indonesian forest snatched a young Javan gibbon from its mother, stuffed it in a sack and took to his heels. A day later the gibbon, a protected species, was offered for sale on Facebook. A scroll down on the trafficker’s timeline reveals more gibbons, birds, and other endangered species offered for sale.

The Javan gibbon offered for sale.
The Javan gibbon offered for sale.
The Javan Gibbon for sale.

The sale of gibbons and endangered species is illegal under Indonesian law. In March of this year, traffickers in Indonesia were arrested and tried for the illegal sale of Komodo dragons on Facebook.

The same…

Daniel Stiles

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