Daniel Stringer is an award-winning INC 5000 entrepreneur. In 2016, one of his companies, Total Care Connections, was listed on the INC 5000 list for being one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. In addition, his company won the Wells Fargo Copper Cactus award for Business Growth. He and his team of 150 team members serve and provide care to the elderly community throughout Arizona.

In 2014, Daniel Stringer started helping entrepreneurs start and grow home care companies across the country this start-up, Launch Homecare. Dozens of new companies have been formed through his consulting and coaching programs.

Together with his wife, Danielle Stringer, Daniel helps married entrepreneurs or those married to an entrepreneur succeed in marriage, money, and business.

The blog at DanielandDani.com is designed to help brand new entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners take their businesses to the next level while also building a life and relationship that they love.

In 2012, Daniel Stringer founded the non-profit organization, Let Hope Rise (www.lethoperise.org), and began raising awareness and funding for safe houses designed to house victims of sex trafficking.

Daniel Stringer and Dani spoke to crowds of thousands raising tens of thousands of dollars to aid organizations like the Phoenix Dream Center and The Starbright Foundation.

Daniel Stringer is passionate about seeing people live their lives on purpose and in pursuit of their dream lifestyle. So many people live each day just trying to survive and get by. Daniel is passionate about seeing people thrive and live each day with passion and focus.

He coaches entrepreneurs on how to get out of debt, create greater margin in their business and personal finances, learn the art of delegation to add more time into their lives, and align their business with their passion so that each day is motivating and fulfilling.

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