the very thing I used to enjoy in the early days (people jumping into each other’s conversations) has now become problematic.
Twitter needs to put people before tech
Doug Belshaw

Couldn’t agree more Doug. There is too much noise for starters, I have less time which definitely doesn’t help, and 140 characters feels old now. I know the last one is a technicality but it’s true. Life is too short to spend shortening tweets! Removing @ names and urls from the 140 count would help with conversations.

Nostalgia for the old days is always strong – that pic of you, Tom, Ian and others 5+ years ago made me reflect on how things change. Think it might have been from Nottingham Teechmeet – I remember us all marvelling at Mr Barrat’s incredible achievement of reaching 1000 followers!!

Slack needs more investigation from me, thanks for the reminder, might be just the thing I need to draw some teams together from our two schools where the 30 mile physical gap and failings of email cause issues.

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