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Who should read this: this write up is about my week of WWDC from the day I got on the plane to when Apple waved us goodbye.

I’m not going to go into the developer talks because these are all available here. This is more about my perspective of WWDC as an event and the interesting things that stood out for me.


Saturday, 2nd of June (Melbourne Time)

WWDC started for me on an early Saturday morning. Early enough that a shower doesn’t do justice in properly waking me up, but luckily/unluckily I never really got to sleep the night before due to the overwhelming excitement that felt much like Christmas. …

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As we began our fourth day at LiveTiles we felt as if we had truely settled into a classic efficient and fast paced New York City job. Accustomed to timing our wakeup, breakfast, and bus route, there was no longer any doubt that the productivity of New York’s always awake city had got to us.

In the office our project was now coming up to its first milestone. The webpages we had been assigned to build had now moved from conceptual ideas to carefully thought out interactive design templates. …


Daniel Sykes-Turner

iOS developer, IOT enthusiast, start-up crazy

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