New York City and Startups

Daniel Sykes-Turner
3 min readJul 17, 2017

As we began our fourth day at LiveTiles we felt as if we had truely settled into a classic efficient and fast paced New York City job. Accustomed to timing our wakeup, breakfast, and bus route, there was no longer any doubt that the productivity of New York’s always awake city had got to us.

In the office our project was now coming up to its first milestone. The webpages we had been assigned to build had now moved from conceptual ideas to carefully thought out interactive design templates. Once the necessary code and customisation is complete, they will be ready for shipping.

Feeling the need relax after work, we headed over to the New York Public Library on foot to wander and stare in awe at the size of the marble building and the number of books it held.

After a quick ice-cream we made haste to a meet-up on technology and startups. Incredibly, we were among the minority that didn’t already own a startup. But we made use of the opportunity, networking with founders, adding connections on LinkedIn, and listening to the inspirational backstories of the panelists and their highly successful companies.

To finish our first week at LiveTiles, Friday was packed with more firsts such as meeting Karl — the CEO of LiveTiles. The amount of Australian culture in the office all made sense once we were introduced to Karl. His casual Aussie accent and dress hadn’t been affected by New York, and his presence made us feel all the more at home rather than nearly 17,000 km away.

Things only got better when Damien and Adam — the CEO and CTO of Sharing Minds, from Australia, came in to tell us about their entrepreneurial journey. Being a nearly decade old company focused primary around SharePoint, we had plenty of questions about the risks they had to take, and how they stayed competitive in the market for so long.

Just when we thought we couldn’t enjoy the day anymore, Friday hit us again with the smell of popcorn cooking and preparations for an office party underway. There’s really something about New York City that shouts startup culture, and we can’t wait to bring our experiences of it back to Melbourne.