Anything can be better if you wait longer

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but should you wait longer?

We ( Moses, Osho, Dayo, Elias )had a discussion earlier today, about audacious goals being set by Covenant University — Vision One of Ten in Ten: To become among the top ten universities in the world by 2022 and Living Faith Church building the Faith Tabernacle a 50,000 capacity church under a record time of 12 months in 1998. We discussed how possible it was for Covenant University to achieve this goal and whether it was ideal to build the faith Tabernacle under 12 months, after all waiting some more to get a few more things right or better wouldn’t have hurt. This lead to an argument on

Where do we draw the line between following principles / experts and trying out news things ?

Here’s my take away from the discussion, It’s really important that we follow laws, principles and all but over the years a number of principles or laws or expectations have been broken or exceeded.

In the bid to follow principles and do a more excellent work we unconsciously remain in the status quo.

Following principles at times set barriers on advancement or new discoveries.

I respect the work of experts and professionals (as I’m becoming one) but then titling too much towards what is known and proven could be the bane of new discoveries and also titling more towards what is unknown could be the fuel to carelessness and poor results.

Few years ago, few economists and business experts would have predicted that Wikipedia a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world would replace Encarta a digital multimedia encyclopedia published by Microsoft Corporation from 1993 to 2009, which had paid staffs and managers with bonuses working round the clock to churn out quality stuff. A while ago, Elon Musk came out with his lofty plans to revolutionize transportation on earth and in space which was contrary to popular and today he’s doing that just fine. In hindsight, we can explain and connect the dots but that would involve waiting a little longer.

How do you prove experts wrong?
By doing your work, by making it work.

I know we’re wired differently and we process information but we need a fusion of pragmatism and intuition/faith to stay reasonably afloat.

*I loosely used principles, laws…in this write up, I’m basically referring to proven facts, Please don’t overthink it.

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