Dear Adepeju

CITY Camp 2015

I know you’d want me to be happy and move on. I’m working towards that but it’s quite difficult. I never saw your death coming.

We met during Hope CITY Camp 2015 and we sot of bonded from the small chit chat to the deep personal talks, to all the talks about aspirations, ambitions and silly things.

Even though most of our conversations were virtual, it didn’t feel any less authentic. We last saw on 1st January 2017 and none of us saw this coming.

I went through our most recent chats on WhatsApp where you hinted that you’d start using Piggy bank from the 1st of October to help you spend more wisely, and how we were working towards Depeju’s place - a fun and relaxation spot for children.

Depeju’s Place

I was at your memorial today and everyone spoke great things about you, about how you always looked out for them with love and respect. I really wondered how you even had my time in the midst of the many responsibilities.

I know you’re in a better but it still hurts and even the knowledge of that won’t automatically take away the pain immediately, You always said to me “ You be fine” I guess I have to say that to myself from now on.

I’d get better, hopefully, stronger, keep knocking off the unhealthy thoughts that come once in a while and keep living the life of service you exemplified, I know that’s what you’d want me to do.

Always 💙