I know Readers are Leaders sounds cool and true

Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

but we all learn best differently?

Formal education emphasizes reading and writing from an early stage so really rarely would anyone pass through formal education without being able to do read and write.

Ohh the struggle to finish a book

Readers are Leaders! It’s the favorite mantra of motivational speakers ( anyone who uses words to motivate people). I can’t blame anyone, most of the information in the world still exists in written form so wouldn’t it be wise to read what is written? However, in this digital age where technology has led to the provision of multiple formats of information, would written information still maintain a monopoly?

Again, so many top/successful people in the world claim to be a product of books/reading, so it only makes sense to follow their example as we all want to be successful but could the next generation produce leaders who don’t read or rather don’t read as much as we expect but of course learn.

What happens to people that naturally prefer other learning styles? Sadly formal education’s structure doesn’t help yet. However, It’s good to know that gradually technology ( YouTube, Soundcloud, Audio Books… ) would help even the gap between the number of other formats of information and written format of information.

Of course, because there’s more written information in the world and about the world, you probably can’t survive without reading anything for now but as long you are learning by listening, watching, doing, you’re doing fine.

Selling, watching Video tutorials, TED Talks, Interacting with new/different people, practicing your shot, fixing what is broken…the list is endless.

Listeners are Leaders, Watchers are Leaders. Doers are Leaders. Learners are leaders.

Learners are leaders also sounds true, cool and more inclusive.

  • This write up stemmed from a discussion with someone who preferred learning in a different way but felt uncomfortable because the general opinion was Readers are Leaders.
  • I love reading, I read a lot but I feel it might just be overrated. Learning never will!