We Ain’t Gonna Play Trump City
Alex Young

FWIW, I am surprised #GrabYourWallet has not gone for a bit of low hanging fruit: the multi-level marketers.

Two of these companies, Herbalife and Nu-Skin, each have one major shareholder that’s got Trump’s ear (that would be Carl Icahn backing Herbalife, and Anthony Scaramucci backing Nu-Skin).

First about the individuals:while Scaramucci and Icahn haven’t gotten anywhere near the press as certifiable bad seeds like Bannon, they are the ones who Trump relies upon — both when his businesses fail and when he needed them as fundraisers.

Additionally, it isn’t “sexy” but Scaramucci’s the individual who could do real damage to a lot of Americans by making noise about revoking the fiduciary rule (which holds financial advisors to act in the interest of their clients) and in revoking Dodd-Frank (which separates the money that keeps our checking accounts solvent from dodgy investment banks fuck money piles).

Second: the companies are themselves predatory — repeatedly slapped with fines over snake oil claims, pyramid scheme structure, etc. They preys on housewives both to peddle the product and to buy it at a markup, which is to say this is a feminist issue.

Finally, in the case of Nu-Skin, you are talking about a company that was caught bribing government officials in China. So highlighting it, we are highlighting the utter hypocrisy of an administration that really has no problem with free trade and every problem with free people.