A stunning reminder of how not to treat people born in the USA who happen to be descended from a…
Gary Kirwan

I’d caution against being too charitable to the people who are both too racist to be able to distinguish one “heebeejabee” from another. What we are really seeing is an idiotic movement of white supremacy with a bizarre nativist patina. It is entirely incoherent, but that does not make it any less powerful.

The Obamas’ attendance of Protestant church services (which were the entire controversy of their own, but whatevs) never spared them from the entire bizarre Muslim-baiting we all heard for the past 8 years.

The fact that Sikhs are not, in fact, Muslims (and in fact, self-consciously identify against Islam) do not spare them the as victims of white terror’s fixation on “towel heads.”

Melania Trump, Peter Thiel, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are all immigrants, but nobody on the Right is complaining about Slovenes or Germans or Austrians taking “our” jobs.

As was commented repeatedly after the Nuremberg Trials, underneath fascism’s appeals to a “new order” was a desire for nothing like order — merely thuggery, plunder and cruelty on a massive scale. The topography is the same for the Trump movement: underneath the appeal to bring Greatness to America is a desire to drag half of America through the gutter so that the other half can double its share.