Strong mind: The best skill that you can get..

When I started to try understanding the world, and figure out what I wanted to do in my life, a lot of things popped up in my mind, in this moment I felt confused, that I needed a lot of answers, and nothing made sense for me. When I decided to leave my country, everything change in my life, I felt a deep loneliness that make me notice what I had to improve and learn, to reach the life that I wanted. And this journey began by teaching my mind and taking control of it.

The mind is the most powerful tool that we have, and in my experience, if you can control your mind, you will resolve the 50 percent of the problems in your life, maybe more. That, cost me so much, it was very difficult, because it is very common to feel like we are perfect and we don’t need help, but I’m certain that is the correct path to reach whatever you want in your life and become the person that you always dreamed.

Everything happen in our mind, and most of us don’t have control on it. We love sabotaging it with stupid and bad thoughts that make us feel guilty, confused, take bad decisions. I strongly believe that we must spend our time educating our minds, in my opinion is most important develop a strong mind than get and collect diplomas of any career. Some people don’t pay attention about it, and it is the most common cause of unsuccessful people.

The question is: how can we do that? my answer is READ A LOT, and be careful about what we put in our mind. In the past I didn’t understand that, and I didn’t care about it, I thought that it was so boring, and, worst, that was a waste of time, sadly the ignorance had invaded me, but fortunately I realized on time, and my life started to change.

My best advice for you is spend at least one hour per day reading something, could be a book, an article, whatever you want, but read it. Read something that help you to grow in your life, to develop a strong mind, improve any skills that you need to reach all that you have always wanted. I’m sure then you going to thank me.

When any situation in our life goes bad, is when you perceive the benefits of reading, attitudes like persistency, determination and decision are develop with a strong and healthy mind, that is what successful people do, and everybody should imitate it.

This is my deepest reflection that cost me a lot to understand, and I want to share with you, it is my experience, I hope will be helpful for you, thank you.