Bitcoin’s Alert Key Triggered on I0Coin’s Blockchain

Devs have yet to release publicly, this is the real deal!

No developer has officially released the key to the public. This key is being triggered from the inside. I0C hashrate has almost been cut in half from 4000+ PH/s norm of 2018.

I wrote my prediction this would take place on I0Coin’s blockchain about 1 hour before it happened. Make no mistake this is a huge deal.

I0Coin being the main chain, mined as the root of AuxPow, would be the real Bitcoin to get 51% attacked. Hash rate is down and network is controlled by almost 50% of outdated 0.11.9 clients.

Unsure if that is significant. I0Coin is 99.99% minted, the hash rate is always among the top 5% in crypto since merge mining began in 2011. But I believe, being the root of crypto, I0Coin is more protected than any “attacker” may think if they do not share similar views.

Update: Is Jeff Garzik from Bloq behind this alert key triggering? He has argued in favor of using the key to change mining difficulties in the past (I0Coin’s is going down as we speak)…

He launched Metronome token (MTN) recently, and has commented on Bitcoin being the “root” of internet blockchains as I have claimed I0Coin is the root of all blockchains for some time. IMO, I0Coin is Bitcoin and the root. The Bitcoin alert key being triggered on I0Coin and its lower difficulty appears to coincide with Mr. Garzik’s vision:

Launched in 2016 with the goal of bringing Red Hat-inspired services to bitcoin, Garzik echoed a familiar refrain in an interview, voicing his belief bitcoin is still destined to form the “root of an Internet of blockchains,” others of which may have different use cases and attributes.