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Not all baroni were abolished, nor understood in rank, we’re simply out of order

Note: I incorrectly dated “1969” a few times meaning 1961. If you see 1969 it means 1961. Also I don’t have to explain further on my title or specifically say so but I will say I know more than I humbly release to you today. And without anger or desire to get back at people who I have moved past already.

History has proven that sometimes it has to catch up to us humans, if not precede us at the same time. The phrase “history repeats itself” is no lie. Neither is the way in which we coin a phrase, or even a term. How it translates into every language is a complex process I will attempt to cover later on. Just know that everything in this world has a value and we’re in the process of trying to account for that. A human is born, but the birth certificate is delayed. My very own birth certificate was not produced until six days after my birth because it was done in Cook County, Illinois. What if a birth certificate from another jurisdiction took far longer? What would the person be able to legally do in the mean time? In my case, the first six days of my life didn’t have a recorded birth certificate, but I was able to live in the United States of America within its jurisdiction and consume everything a living infant consumes. I made waste every infant makes. I was doing it all for six days without a record of my birth just like any other human being. The hospital, however, made record of my birth. That is for certain. Not as it was being done but right after.

The lightning MACINTOSH network and why future 1984 won’t be like 1984 🌐

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The networking and publishing revolution that nobody yet grasps. I will discuss the printer at length later.

I would like to open this published story with a quote from the man who envisioned how it would play out:

It’s 1958,” he began. “IBM passes up the chance to buy a young, fledgling company that has just invented a new technology called xerography⁴³. Two years later, Xerox is born, and IBM has been kicking itself ever since.”¹

Steve Jobs knew and lived the future almost as well as he retold the past. I started with a quote from Jobs in a first-person account on David Burnell’s blog entry post — Close Encounters with Steve Jobs (Part 11). It’s a peculiar story but it opened my eyes because it filled in a lot of things I already partially understood. This time it struck me because it was mixed with quotes I had never read by Jobs himself. I trusted the source too because I was able to pull it from my usual wikis. Perhaps why it doesn’t forward circulate is because the blog itself could be from the late part of Jobs’ tenure at Apple, or conflict with when we thought he left Apple. Maybe, Jobs never left Apple and this entry is up for debate on the newswires. Regardless, the language does have a block in place with web interoperability and that has to do with the page’s extension — making me question if these types of sites I see all over are extended from the older origins of the web, things like Bulletin Board Systems, USENET, and others in that pre-world wide web proposal period and after the ARPANET. HTML⁴⁴ and .html extended⁴⁵ is not the same thing. HTML is the language in which the page is written and .html extended is how it is viewed on the browser (in my naive understanding). So .html extended Chrome extended a possibly archaic 1980’s pre-weblog like this to the modern web. Maybe it was even the first instance of the live stream because of the demo described. In this article I will describe my reasoning as I try connecting the dots (matrix). …

Deep dive into why this “dot-com bubble” company stock ( is a stronger buy in 2019 than it was 21 years ago when it made IPO history.

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Image for post recalls that TGLO trading began on “02 Nov ‘98” at 17.500000 (what we assume to be USD) — 11 days before the historic IPO that was documented on Nov 13, 1998 in many places. If privately held as of November 2, 1998 — why is there trading data for TGLO at all? Let’s find out…

Wikipedia begins its entry for with information that is commonly known among those familiar with the dot-com bubble marriages of Silicon Valley, tech entrepreneurs, and Wall Street banks: made headlines by going public on November 13, 1998 and posting the largest first day gain of any IPO in history up to that date (Wikipedia)

The reference for the information above appears on Wikipedia as reference/footnote [2]. It links externally from Wikipedia to an https link for a record of a story about “’s IPO” (per header image on the archived page). The hyperlink in chrome was for a record that seems to have pulled from on 19 Jan 2013 (red box in image below) but is now found in the present day with a record of a different archived domain, that is not which is where my Chrome browser says I am at in the present day after directly linking out from the Wikipedia footnotes (see image below for the url in the green…


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Thanks Sakurambo, wherever you are.

The beautiful thing about the web is that I was able to get to this point before an event of this magnitude was going to take place, publicly, at least. Then again, since you are reading this entry, I assume you already know that these things have taken place, for the most part, publicly. That being said, I will first thank those of you that did this and worked on the Open Source Initiative in order to make this all happen. You have done a wonderful thing for people by being transparent, even if your version of transparency is hard to understand. I have never backed down from opportunity, even if I felt I was over-matched I never felt I was “too dumb” or “too stupid” to eventually “get it” enough to make a great investment. The best part of the investment was in myself because learning the things you have done has led me to a greater appreciation for it. I feel optimistic about people because of it. That’s a sentimental thing that money cannot buy. …

Thoughts from someone slightly ahead of his time

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I always cared what people would think of me growing up. I guess it’s why I notice things as I’ve become braver, as I age. It’s not so much that I ever backed off my beliefs because of how people would perceive me in my youth. It’s not even that I had many outlandish things to prove to anyone. I just always felt that if I had information to help people, I should share it. I didn’t share much as I figured out the early parts of my life. After the sixth grade I had to transfer schools because I was picked on so badly that I would cry on my walk home. All I knew is that when I excelled at sports, I attracted some more criticism from my peers. My Dad loved coaching my teams, and I think that rubbed some people the wrong way. He wouldn’t let me play travel baseball, so I was an outsider to my local travel teams. He coached my basketball teams too, so going into the seventh grade middle school team I suppose none of those kids wanted me there. They really did a number on my young mind. That’s just how kids are. It really made me internalize my ambitions. The quiet kid with a world of goals. I learned outwardly excelling at something as simple as basketball would attract a hornets nest of critics I never wanted. So, I spent two years playing middle school basketball for a private catholic school — and I was somehow reunited with my Dad as a coach. …

I have more to say but I’m taking my time putting it together, until then…

Probably your best bet for my current realizations, they always evolve as the information comes to light.

Don’t be afraid to put it all out there, takes balls. I have faith that the outcome of this elaborate scheme is a good one for people. So if you’re afraid, don’t be. Use your voice. You matter just as much as those people who orchestrate such things.


For anyone who needs them today…

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Have a wonderful new year.

IBM created both Bitcoin and Ethereum with Nick Szabo (& I’m pumped)

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From simple abstractions, great power may bloom.

(Note: My 42nd and probably my last story here. Not much else say when I’m done but this is only about halfway through. Just hoping someone sees it and takes a chance on a good investment.)

Note: Here is an actual test of the reorganization I have described from 2014 and it was done by ABE on the testnets.

Article Intro:

I don’t even believe that dates even matter much to me anymore. When came where and why or how. The reason has a lot to do with understanding someone and how they operate. If they leave enough literature out there for me to read, as a research graduate, I tend to figure the gist of things out. This is my first experience with open source projects, but I am so glad I don’t listen to anyone but myself when it comes to financial advice. …

Embedded value in bits — Timechains, Blockchains, and Tokenization

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1. A block was mined and script was left. 2. A block was relayed and with more script. 3. A contract executes and multiple ledgers show a matching final version of a transaction that happened in more than one state.

I updated this article, mostly at the bottom. I appreciate those who read these words in a raw form — I don’t predictably know when these contracts will execute so I try to rush my data out to the public as quick as possible if they choose to believe.

The main place to start is back in 2008 to 2009. Hal Finney and Satoshi Nakamoto mined/debugged Bitcoin together. The first version of Bitcoin is Bitcoin v0.01 ALPHA. The names are truly important. First, I would like to mention that this is probably not entirely correct but it encompasses what will 100% unfold very, very soon. There are 3 important values that started in the very first “genesis block” which was actually a pre-alpha version that was mined on September 10, 2008 (there is a timestamp on it for proof). At this “block001.dat” file, this pre-alpha BitCoin is not yet on the record, but it is very much embedded into a database somewhere. …

Following the man who dared to be different — but with Bitcoin

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Nicolaus Copernicus was a Renaissance-era mathematician and astronomer who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than the Earth at the center of the universe, likely independently of Aristarchus of Samos, who had formulated such a model some eighteen centuries earlier.”

Being different from people is something I do well. It is what I live and die with. Not always is it good to be different and take risks — no. Sometimes risks aren’t calculated enough to have been worth taking, but that is in retrospect. As an investor, I have put hours and days in a tireless quest for answers. That’s the beauty of Github — if you really want confirmation before you put your money into any crypto-investment, you can get it in open source code. A worldwide currency, technology, platform, decentralized internet processor with incentive, etc. is right around the corner. You would think more people would take a peek at Github and agree with me, but I have a feeling people are falling for the distraction of price, where they would rather obsess over Coinmarketcap and not take a hard look at some repositories of code. …


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