Control: Paranoia Day

I, Dalton Lewis, am paranoid schizophrenic, in addition to being the author of the fourteen copy-selling My Little Paradise. These are some of my paranoias on a rough Wednesday:

My novel, Kids in Space, will be rewritten to be a stupid adventure story instead of an intelligent, challenging work of literature.

I get killed until the far future for accidentally causing a car accident and getting in trouble for it.

I get framed for a crime and killed until the far future.

In the far future, I am resurrected, and friends and family hardly pay attention to me. They aren’t my friends any more.

I write a work of fiction about someone who wants to blow up a building. I am mistaken for someone who wants to blow up a building and killed.

People lie to me about the date and don’t tell me that it’s the far future.

Relatives never talk to me again.

I will write a story whose publication will be blocked by someone who doesn’t let it come out because she owns partial rights to it.

I don’t know why my mind thinks these things. I don’t want it to. It just works this way. My mind doesn’t work correctly…there may never be an explanation, or an accurate diagnosis, for my condition. For now I simply have to live with the knowledge that these thoughts swirl through my head, and I cannot do anything about them.

Thanks, and take, friends.