Control — Screwed Up

So I made a mistake. There’s a store where I normally play at, and it’s a wonderful store. I promised to buy there because they let me hang out there some days to have friends and deal with the terror of, well, being mentally ill and unemployed in America. I sat there, promising to buy all my models there.

Only I didn’t.

I know — you’re mad. Well, I have a video battle report to do today, at six, and I need a fully painted and based 1850 point army. That wasn’t feasible unless I bought a model the night before at the other store. So I bought a Riptide, an expensive model, at the other store. It’s beautiful — and doesn’t stand.

Who helps me when things don’t stand? The guy from the store I normally go to, Frank.

Frank is a tough but skinny ex-marine who runs the store. He manages my life pretty well, making sure that I wear a belt and telling me not to mess up with super glue and being vaguely responsible and letting me in his store. So I apologized for doing something wrong.

Five years ago my characters would never have made a stupid decision in a story. Now I am writing something that reflects real life a little more, and the reality is that I make bad decisions all the time. I, Dalton Lewis, bought a model at the wrong store.

I also made gold at Starcraft 2, a major accomplishment. I am struggling to win games at gold.

I only hope I make gold at trying to navigate the difficult and complex decisions and problems that crop up trying to deal with real life.

Also, there’s a book I spent fifteen long years on. If you haven’t picked it up, you can try. There should be a link below. It contains a lot more of my writing.

Thanks, and take care, friends.