Schizophrenic’s Guide: Last Place! Again!

I got last place again. Last. So? I tried hard and had fun. Obviously I wanted to do better, but I’m not depressed, dejected or defeated. I want to try harder and do better. I didn’t defeat a person. I played eldar poorly. I was unable to grab objectives or fight tactically for portions of the board. I didn’t play well.

I need to make some changes; I know that. I need to think a turn ahead and I need a couple more units. I know that. I know that I have to think positive. Well, there were positives here.

I played better than last time. I didn’t get tabled once. I took cover more often and took cover saves more often. In the first game I got my wraithknight into combat and kept him alive by keeping him in reserve on the first turn and then bringing him in on the side of the board. I killed a number of my opponent’s tanks and units inside; I just couldn’t take and hold the objectives. When I brought in my warp spiders I often didn’t think about their survivability and the consequences of bringing them in. I needed to bring them in somewhere that is defensible and somewhere from which they can kill a unit or most of a unit.

I needed to take cover more effectively. I left my command unit to die at the beginning of the game during game three. I had a big unit for no reason. I need smaller units for more flexibility and so that one unit isn’t targeted all that much.

The first game I played against ten or so grav cannons and a fenrisian wolf star. I killed a lot of marines but couldn’t take and hold any objectives. Taking and holding objectives is a problem for me.

I played against orks the second game. I did a lot of damage to the orks but couldn’t finish them off. On turn three or so I tried to kill three units and only killed one, which finished me off. I tied for the endgame objective but couldn’t get anything else.

The third game was against a friend who had a similar list to mine. He played well and won. I didn’t plan well the first turn and took a lot of damage from his main units. That was a mistake. I needed to take less damage turn one. I lost six to seven bikes and a farseer turn one and couldn’t recover.

That’s it. What did I get last time? One out of 33. This time.

Five out of 33.

I improved.

Thanks, and take care, friends.