Schizophrenic’s Guide: Sausage Party Review

Wow. Reviewing geek culture is a challenge. So much has been done and said that each new element of geek culture needs to build on top of what has been said before. Without a full geek culture this is a masterpiece; considering how sophisticated storytelling has become this is a quality three-star motion picture about trying to explore one’s beliefs. Sausage Party is something. It’s, well, ambitious. That’s good. It tries to stand as a religious allegory. It’s about questioning the purpose of one’s life and investigating one’s world. That’s a positive. A sausage questions why he wants to go home with a human, called a god, and what will happen if he is taken into the Great Beyond. In a moment horribly spoiled by the preview, a number of people — food people — are cooked and eaten by a nice-looking housewife type. It’s funny, bawdy, outrageous, ironic, earned, and brilliant. It makes the sausage want to fight back against these gods. It’s not a film friendly towards religion. This hurts it a bit; maybe it is too critical of the idea of an afterlife. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t always deliver to the level of quality of the scene in which food-people are eaten.

Brenda, the sausage’s love interest. wants to go to the Great Beyond and do the right thing. She wants to be a dutiful bun but is tempted by touching tips, even if she thinks it’s dirty. There are clear undertones to women and sexuality in this piece, and also a bagel who represents Jewish culture and a pita that represents Islamic culture. They argue until they decide what to do about it, in a funny and also earned scene. Some of the movie, however, doesn’t work as well as the broad strokes. A douche wants to kill the heroic sausage and drinks and kills people. He doesn’t work. He is a silly caricature that doesn’t fit created simply to bring in more cartoon bad guys. So, fine.

Also some of the scenes are strange and not particularly filled with dramatic tension or conflict. They are just the writers speculating and discussing issues more than telling a story. Also, there is the tiniest of possibilities that marijuana influenced the project, and not for the better. The pot jokes — and implication that pot is a solution — don’t fit for me. Are drugs any more worthy than a Great Beyond as a solution? Both seem empty and both seem to kill you, but pot is celebrated in the project. It doesn’t make sense to bash one and celebrate the other. I give Sausage Party three stars out of four, saying that it has intelligent scenes and questions reality. It’s a little too ambitious at times, and a little too slapstick at others.

In my personal news….I played Phillip yesterday and lost barely to Sisters, his fun army. So oh well. I ate dinner with my parents and had fun. We had beef and cabbage and onions and rice with beef broth all mixed together. It was delicious beyond belief. I also saw the aforementioned Sausage Party and enjoyed the end of the Starcraft 2 summer season for the pros. Polt in particular impresses me with his skill and intelligence. I cleaned my room and had quite the quality day. I am trying to be more positive and encouraging, as my negativity has not been seen as a positive.

Thanks, and take care, friends.