A brief reflection on the current shifts in my personal life and career

Workshop participants capturing the moment after completing successfully the Marshmallow Challenge

Ways to manage projects in Smart City initiatives

What are we doing?

Different workshop teams discussing initial project considerations

How many times did you have to introduce strangers via email? How many times were you introduced in a way that is not inviting to follow up?

Why I am sharing this?

We made a toolbox for cross-disciplinary teams to increase their efficiency, mainly in the early stages of working together. This is a personal reflection of my role as project manager for the HITeamweek project.

Some key finds I came across about the value of design for businesses

How building Team Culture can be affected by the principles of Active Listening and Collaborative Communication.


Learnings from a sprint task in quick Project Management research related topics.

Daniel T Santos

GovService Designer @LabX_govpt | Founder @ServiceDesignPT | Former Advisor @newdigitschool | Former Design Lead @FuturEverything | Alumnus @HyperIsland

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