How a simplistic, manipulative and anti-democratic short film went viral
Roman Gerodimos

Is this film a demonstration of its author dealing with the truth? Probably, no one is stupid enough to believe that there is such thing as The Truth. Not anymore, at least. Goodbye, ideologies! I think he’s presenting “a truth” that lays in his interpretation of historical events. I’m no Adam Curtis fanboy, but in my opinion, he is just as manipulative as many other famous documentary directors — Hello, Michael Moore! 
I don’t believe people will watch this movie and take it as a colluding springboard of an alternative version of reality that was kept from humanity until now.

Yes, you are correct when you say Curtis uses a patronising and manipulative tone in his narrative. However, I challenge if the viewers who spent almost 3h of their time are seeking for a appeasing truth which would made them feel better about their own circumstance.