How Labels Shape Us

While I was sitting in my business innovation class thinking about our current education system, I pondered —

how do you preserve the creativity which children naturally possess, past their years of early childhood?”.

My professor interjects my thought with

“…we live in a world that is a battery of assumptions…” ,

Instantly I realized, our society is a collection of labels. Labels exist for several reasons, but for the support of this case let us concentrate on how they simplify things.

My name is Dan and I like math, business models, and analytics. Apparently I’m also boring ‘af’. Society to this says: Dan you should be a [insert anything analytic]. The same goes for a creative person… be an artist, a designer, or anything creative. These labels point us into directions that allow us to figure out our purpose in life.

Everything wrong with societal upbringing
So how does this hurt our youth?

We are brought to believe that people have segregated types of thinking. You either think this way or that way. Or that way or this way. But not both… how come? Everyone is capable of thinking in various ways. Sure, people have aptitudes which allow them to achieve certain benchmarks that may take others a longer duration, but this is not to deter anyone.

For example, the act of being creative is to flex a muscle. The same also goes for writing well, programming, or doing math. The more you do something, the more in which that type of thinking is strengthened.

So to conclude on a final thought, the image which is floating halfway through this page , is everything wrong with our societal upbringing. All of us are capable of thinking in different ways, whether it be creatively, analytically, or philosophically, one just has to start flexing that muscle. Don’t attach a label on your brain, it is not a grocery item.