Moving On

Ever come across a limping bird? Well, I just saw one some moments ago — a cute little pigeon. I was actually full of sympathy for this dear one, but then I was struck by something else I saw or decided to see. Unfazed by its inability, it kept moving, prodding through bits and pieces for what to eat. “Well, it would never fly”, I concluded. To my utter amazement, it spread its wings right before my eyes and flew away. “Really?” I thought. Even with its predicament, it wasn’t denied of its inner ability. Of course, birds by nature are known to fly (but for a few exceptions). “So if this puny creature can courageously move on with life, I better get moving too”, I told myself. Why should I remain sulking over mistakes, hurts and undeserved pain? Why should I retract into my cocoon because of my failures or shame? Yes, we face tough times, but then, we have to move on.

Point: Don’t let bruises, mistakes and pains cripple your heart and mind. Step out in the fullness of your nature and be who you are meant to be. You have got the ability…

It’s gonna get better.