Code Hour: Aliases

Aliases on the command line are awesome! I divide groups of aliases into three basic types:

  • git commands
  • zsh commands
  • functions

I like stealing setup files from someone who has put a lot more thought into these than I have:

A few tricks to aliases

  • Aliases are half the time for reference, the first and most important alias to remember is the one to edit your aliases!
alias open-dot=’subl ~/.dotfiles’
  • Terminal will not automatically pick up your alias updates, you can reload without restarting terminal by simply hitting the dotfile:
alias reload!=’. ~/.zshrc’
  • Start your aliases with a common letter to indicate the type as to avoid frequent alias collision. For example, all my git commands start with ‘g’ (ga, gs, gc, etc.)
  • Use aliases to jump around the file system quickly
  • Use aliases in your aliases
  • Chain aliases for super awesome wombo-combo commands

I’ll expand on functions and connecting aliases with other programs more later but my time is up!

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