Daniel, this is absolutely amazing!
Beth Stormont

Thank you for your kind words on all three of sage`s stories (which I intend to write out further in the future). You seem to have found deep wisdom in my writings and that is amazing to me. Especially since I did not intend these stories to have any wisdom in them at all. I must confess that the way that I have written those stories was through sitting down and letting the words flow out of my fingers. This is how I always work. Apparently my own guide has granted me wisdom for a little while here.

In reality I am just a 20 year old guy-man-kid who does not often feel wise at all. But your words have inspired me to think that every person can be wise if he or she follows his fingers. You have also inspired me to write this as an answer to your first reply and I intend to do so with your latter 2 as well. Thank you Beth.


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