Once in a while, I stumble upon some interesting, inspiring works that I think deserve more attention. One such project is ‘Faces of Humanity’, a project by Tortue.

What have I learned since I started working in frontend development

Exactly two years ago I wrote something about the mistakes I made while learning to code. Where am I now and what have I learned all this time?

That article brought me a few job offers, a thing that I wasn’t so sure it would happen. In the end, I went to a few interviews until I started working in the e-commerce department of a local company.

I remember going to interviews and with every interview that I flunked I learned something new. That’s what the positive stories sound like, right? But I would be lying if I told you…

Or what’s behind an expression

A few days ago I was thinking that I always had a problem with the word ‘creative’. It’s something that might be stuck from my advertising days.

When I worked in advertising, I used to hear this word and its many forms being thrown around until it became meaningless.

So I extrapolated to creative coding. When we talk about ‘creative coding’ I feel it creates a false dichotomy between regular coding — something that’s done with a specific, business-oriented purpose — and artistic coding — the type of coding used to develop and/or express an idea.

When I think…

Keep learning

I have been editing this draft a lot. I’ve been changing it, writing more, deleting some stuff, changing words here and there. That’s because I am afraid of writing. And probably I am more afraid of writing the wrong things. My mind comes up with this dichotomy that I sometimes don’t understand. Today something might be good and tip the balance in its favor, tomorrow it might be something bad, because I wrote it in a moment when I was vulnerable or “too open”.

And this applies a lot more to the things I post online. It’s funny that I…

A (very) short introduction

My interest in creative coding was sparked when I was looking for new methods to break images, to create “intentional glitches”. I found out about Processing by accident. And what a great accident it was.

While browsing Goodreads, I stumbled upon a book about generative art. Its cover drew my attention and I decided to find out more about this kind of art and about Processing. So I went on processing.org, downloaded Processing 2.1.1, and looked through the exhibition. When you see the amazing things that can be done with it, you are instantly drawn in. …

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Vector field visualization

In 2014 I was looking for a job, and in a way I was looking for myself. I used to work in advertising for some time, until I felt burnt out and couldn’t do my job right. It was a tedious process, until I realized I could no longer do that and moved on to a more technical field. I ended up doing front-end development, a choice that I am really happy I made.

In 2014 I discovered a new field called “creative coding”. It was new to me, as people were doing crazy things in this field for years…

Image by Negative Space, via Unsplash

As I mentioned in my previous article, I used to work as a copywriter for the last few years. Development was something that I kept as a hobby, something that was left in the background. There was always this feeling that it is the thing I want to do the most, and at this moment I am trying to do just that. I still love writing but I love it more when I do it for writing fiction.

Switching from a non-technical job to a technical one has a few interesting aspects.

You will be asked why you want to do it. I got this question during interviews, and I also got it from…

Image via Stocksnap.io

A year ago I started learning to code, focusing on front-end development. This was not completely new to me, as I’ve been doing this learning to code thing for a few years now. Most of the time it was something that I did for fun.

Looking back over the years, and especially over 2015 when I decided to focus on front-end development, I’ve noticed some patterns in the way I was learning and doing things. These patterns lead to a series of mistakes that I am now fixing or got fixed in the past.

Please note that although I am…

I grew up surrounded by technology, although it wasn’t always the bleeding edge kind of technology. I remember playing with an HC-91, a ZX Spectrum clone made in Romania, when I was 6–7 years old. The fact that you could write some weird, cryptic lines of characters that could load a game or make one by yourself was fascinating back then. I still remember the sound this thing made when you were loading a game. …

Daniel Voicu

Front-end developer. Worked as a copywriter.

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