What have I learned since I started working in frontend development

Exactly two years ago I wrote something about the mistakes I made while learning to code. Where am I now and what have I learned all this time?

That article brought me a few job offers, a thing that I wasn’t so sure it would happen. In the end, I…

Keep learning

I have been editing this draft a lot. I’ve been changing it, writing more, deleting some stuff, changing words here and there. That’s because I am afraid of writing. And probably I am more afraid of writing the wrong things. My mind comes up with this dichotomy that I sometimes…

I grew up surrounded by technology, although it wasn’t always the bleeding edge kind of technology. I remember playing with an HC-91, a ZX Spectrum clone made in Romania, when I was 6–7 years old. The fact that you could write some weird, cryptic lines of characters that could load…

Daniel Voicu

Front-end developer. Worked as a copywriter.

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