Yes, Facebook Friends I Haven’t Heard from in a Decade, That’s Me in the Background of That Trump Statue Picture

Thank you, Facebook friends — particularly those with whom I’ve not spoken in seven or eight years — for sharing that picture of the nude Donald Trump statue and asking if that was me in the background of it.

It’s true! I happened to be photographed by a Time magazine journalist while standing near the Trump statue, an artist’s depiction of America’s favorite Fuehrer, at New York City’s Union Square Thursday. Cool for me, right?!

It’s true: That’s me!

But you know, I’m actually a journalist myself these days. In fact, I was visiting the Trump anti-homage in order to capture footage for a story , a pretty fun assignment I nabbed. On the other hand, happening to stumble into the frame of other news publication’s picture: That was nicely done by me, too!

But that’s not all — I can confirm that was also me in the other picture.

Because on New York Daily New’s Instagram post about the small-dicked Trump effigy, I made another appearance. And believe me, I received just as many congratulatory texts and attaboy Instagram mentions about it as I did the Time photograph. And I’ll take’m!

There I am, stage right of the statue.

Of course, the kind acknowledgements of my appearance in NY Daily News’s photo came rolling in to me from estranged friends who, I can only imagine, had no idea that I was actually in the middle of crafting a pretty fire Snapchat when it was taken. At least, that would make sense as to why I got way more texts Thursday and Friday that sounded like, “Hey, is that you on the NY Daily News Instagram?” rather than, “Hey, did you happen to write that heavy handed Trump penis joke on the Circa Snapchat?”

I am proud to say I wrote that Snapchat. But am I prouder to say that was me in the picture? Maybe!

And I might as well say the same goes for the Gothamist picture — because that’s also me, right there, framed tightly with the sagging ass of the clay Trump.

Me again! (Gothamist)

And finally, for those of you who were browsing shock comic Eric Andre’s Instagram last week and saw someone who looked like the spitting image of Daniel Bean photobombing a picture of the declothed Donald, I’m happy to confirm your suspicions: That was me in that photo, too!

Guess who!

It’s true that I’d never made an unintentional cameo in the social media post of a famous comedian before. But did I consider the occurrence more noteworthy than other recent professional or personal accomplishments which have garnered far less attention from friends and family? Who’s to say?!

“Look at Bean!” were the kinds of things people from my hometown in Florida were posting about these pictures. And they weren’t wrong. Because, you could look at me — that was me in those pictures.

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