Wireframes are dead—why I haven’t used wires in over a year.
Zakary Kinnaird

I sort of agree and don’t agree.

I agree that detailed and polished wireframes often put a lot of limitations on the creative freedom of the designer, and if wireframe dictates the design too much, it will result in boring and dull apps/websites.

But I don’t agree that we should stop using wireframes. In my opinion wireframes should be a checklist for the designer, to ensure that he or she includes all information in the design. And wireframes should establish a hierarchy in the layout (which information/content should come in which order and how much space should each element take up compared to other elements) the rest of the layout and look/feel should be completely up to the designer.

So in short if you keep the wireframes very low-fi (pen and paper) and basic they are a great tool and an essential part of any design/ux phase.

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