40 by 40 Update — Trip to England and Scotland

Emily and I recently visited London and St. Andrew’s on vacation. The trip was a great break from the normal routines of everyday life as we spent the first few days in London (with a brief detour to Chawton to visit the Jane Austen House Museum) and followed it up with a trip to St. Andrew’s.

I will write later this week about one of the more surreal aspects of the trip when finding out in St. Andrew’s about the attack on Westminster. We were in that exact area two days before the attack.

As for this update, two items were crossed off the 40 by 40, get a great view of London and go golfing in Europe. For the great view of London, Emily and I enjoyed the champagne experience from the London Eye…

For the round of golf, I had the chance to play at St. Andrew’s Old Course which included a walk on the Swilken Bridge.

Below is an update on the progress of the 40 by 40 list:

1 Start a Blog — Done

2 Go on a North American Golf Excursion

3 Golf in Europe — Golfed at the Old Course in St. Andrew’s!

4 Golf in Asia

5 Golf in Africa

6 Golf in Australia

7 Golf in South America

8 Golf in Antarctica

9 Go to one local restaurant a month for a year — Went to Jeng Chi near Greenville and Belt Line earlier this month

10 Read one book a month for a year — Read Murder on the Orient Express while in UK

11 Drive a sports car around a race track

12 Go on a trip where nothing is planned until the day before

13 Go to the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon

14 Volunteer at Vickery

15 Give Blood

16 Do another half marathon

17 Open mic night

18 Take an Art Class

19 Escape Room and not take the lead

22 Go on another Mission Trip

23 Go on a road trip with Gump

24 Take a Month of Rest where I do not add anything to my schedule outside of my daily routine

25 Memorize Bible Verses

26 Read the Entire Bible in a Year

28 Try out for Jeopardy! every year until I make it on

29 Go snorkeling while in Australia

30 Find an amazing view of London — Complete! from the London Eye

31 Have Emily plan a trip/weekend getaway that I get no say over

32 Re-learn Spanish

33 Join Dallas Jr. Chamber of Commerce or another professional organization

34 Use my graduate degree for charity work

35 See all Oscar Best Picture Nominees of a Single Year — Have watched LaLa Land, Moonlight, Arrival, Manchester by the Sea, and Hell or High Water

36 Read “A Year of C.S. Lewis” — Continued

37 Take Dance Lessons

38 Find a good Jazz club

39 See Second City Comedy Show

40 Have a tech free weekend at a cabin (cell phone only for emergencies and maybe photos)

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