5 Reason why you should include morocco in your next vacation list

Are you planning for an exclusive vacation with your family and friends, then this time ensure to add Morocco in your travel list. This exotic country in Africa has a lot to offer. It is filled with innumerable majestic palaces, large expanses of natural landscapes, mouth watering cuisine, lively beaches and interesting museums. Still not convinced? Read further to get familiar with the top 5 reasons that makes Morocco a must visit at least once. The good news is today there are many renowned travel agents that ensure to offer their clients with lots of extraordinary moments with the help of one of their best luxury Morocco tours packages. They also offer a wide range of luxury tour packages for Casablanca.

5 convincing reasons to visit Morocco

Although there are unlimited reasons that will convince people to travel the nooks and corners of Morocco but the 5 most convincing ones are as follows,

· Heritage- This African country is the ancestral abode of the Berber citizens. Phoenicians by the year 500 BC made their way from the eastern part of the Mediterranean helping to find the city of Tangier. A visit to this beautiful place will offer you the chance of viewing the Berber settlements, intellectual and architectural marvels birthed within the Moorish Spain and also the ancient mosques

· Beaches- If you are the romantic types then the beautiful beaches in Morocco are a must visit. Here there are myriad of beaches to cater every mood right from secluded and quiet areas such as Asilah and Oualidia to popular resorts such as Agadir where people can take pleasure of scenic strolls overlooking the ancient castles ruins and the Atlantic breakers. The picturesque view, miles of sand, tranquil water and the cozy breeze together will make Morocco an ideal beach vacation destination. Some of the beaches that you cannot miss while at Morocco include Grottesd’Hercules, Larce and LallaFatma

· Shopping- Morocco is the right country for all shopaholics young and old. The massive souks of Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier and other towns and cities of this country provide quality leather goods, beautiful ceramics, carpets, jewelry and baskets amid others. After shopping if you have ample time in hand you can take pleasure of the street dancers, eccentric vendors putting their shows, watch snake charmer and also acrobats

· Food- We all love to eat, don’t we? If you are a complete foodie then you should try the different delectable Moroccan cuisine especially Tajine which is a stew rice having rich flavours and made with lamb, fish or chicken. Here couscous dishes are also quite popular. And if you wish you are most welcome in washing down your meals via sipping a local wine, beer or mint tea of your choice

· Riads- Your visit to Morocco will remain incomplete if you do not see the Riads or the traditional houses in Morocco which reflects to a large extent the Roman villa coupled with the archetypal internal courtyard that features a lovely fountain. Such traditional and clever architecture at times is decorated using calligraphy, geometric patterns and mosaics and in recent times has gained ample recognition while the beautiful ancient buildings and architecture have been made into restaurants and hotels that are truly impressive that offer an amazing Moroccan experience

The ideal blend of exotic nightlife, mouth watering food, spectacular mountain ranges, stunning beaches, highland valleys and beautiful landscapes makes Morocco the perfect holiday destination. Most importantly do a proper research well in advance to get the best luxury Morocco tours packages and luxury tour packages for Casablanca.