What is Sports Physiotherapy?

What is a sports physiotherapist?

Sportsmen and athletes suffer from different types of injuries, which can cause severe damage to their body and hamper their overall performance. Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck ache or even if you find it difficult to move, perform everyday tasks and activities due to loss of strength, a sports physio can help you recover your lost strength as well as fitness by implementing an appropriate treatment plan.

What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is special type of therapy that is used for treating injuries and problems that sports personalities and athletics often encounter while playing or during training sessions. Unlike regular injuries, sports related injuries can be extremely severe and can also affect the performance and future of any player. In order to deliver their best performance and achieve success, athletes and sportsmen need to stay fit. This is precisely why they must seek the services of an experienced and professional physio. An experienced physiotherapist can help sportsmen and athletes in treating their injuries and recovering their loss health as well as fitness.

Athletes often end up stressing their body, muscles, bones and joints during practice sessions or while playing. With appropriate assistance and treatment from an expert physio, they can recover from their injuries and avoid such problems in future. A sports physiotherapist is adept at offering appropriate sports massage and also educates sports people and athletes, allowing them in avoiding such injuries and problems. Sports physiotherapists know the right massage techniques and therapies and use them well to help sportsmen and athletes minimize anxiety, stress and strains to a large extent.

They are capable of addressing chronic and acute injuries and can treat sportsmen and athletes, irrespective of their gender and age. They have the right amount of experience, resources and knowledge to assess the severity of an injury and diagnose the problem using the right techniques and skills. They are expert at managing sports injuries including muscle tear, strains, sprains, fractures, casting, ortheapaedic problems, vehicle accidents, lower back pain and spinal injury and pain.

Sports physiotherapists also offer their services to general public who may have met an accident or suffered from a massive injury and require non-surgical assistance. Right from assessing the cause of the injury and pain to preparing an appropriate plan for improving strength, mobility, alignment and length, sports physiotherapists are experts at offering excellent therapies and treatment. This allows the individual suffering from pain and injuries to improve the quality of his/her life in addition to enhancing their movement and fitness level.

They can also teach sportsmen, athletes and fitness enthusiasts about rehabilitation exercises, allowing them to treat injuries in the desired manner. They are aware of a wide variety of exercise including stretching, free weights, bodyweight, pilates, foam roller, resistance band etc, and can use the same to treat injuries and minimize pain. A certified and experienced sports physiotherapist can help sportsmen and athletes in restoring their muscle strength and improve their flexibility with minimal efforts.