+The whole gay-thing is a disease created by satan.
Jim Thompson

Your sick? I’m so sick of angry bigots spewing hateful, hurtful comments about people they know nothing about across the Internet, in churches and at pickets. It’s amazing how much time you all seem to invest in hating your fellow man, that’s the real mental sickness. Thankfully, considering you’re 57 we won’t have to listen to your particular whining for too much longer. I pray for a world in which tolerance and acceptance of others whom you may not understand or can directly relate to, but can live next to in peace with a smudge of compassion is a reality. We’re all influenced every day, the TV shows you refer to are trying to undo some of the damage your interpretation of the bible has evidently caused. Watch them and realise there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of, or hurry up and die quietly.

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