Fossil Fuel Companies and their “Investments” in Congress

In 2013 and 2014, oil, gas and coal companies spent $350,587,282 (just over $350 million) on campaign contributions to Congress members, and in return received $41,840,275,998 (about $41.8 billion) in subsidies for fossil fuel production and exploration, amounting to a return of 11,900%. The politicians featured were among the top recipients in campaign contributions from these companies for the 2016 election cycle. Ted Cruz received $1,185,264, Marco Rubio received $381, 714, Paul Ryan received $361,115 and Hillary Clinton received $332,739.

Campaign contributions in huge amounts like may be legal under the current state of democracy in the United States, but they are undermining the integrity of our democracy while hindering progress on climate change. When politicians are paid to support the fossil fuel industry and fight regulations on greenhouse gases, while millions of people are speaking up in support of renewable energy, and speaking out against new pipeline construction, and new extraction projects, this is not democracy.

This issue is larger than climate change. It is about democracy, too.

I encourage you to learn more from the following sources.

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