Great articles from last week (August 29)

The convergence of new and old media, a better model for the Olympics, “Rage Rooms,” and life after a face transplant

Disney and Vice, a Storybook Romance

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  • Despite having fewer unique monthly visitors than other digital media properties, Vice has a significantly higher valuation thanks to revenue from sponsored content
  • Looking for ways to reach the young, male demographic, Disney agreed to invest $400M in Vice last year and give them a television channel. The round valued the company at $4.5B, and Vice is on track to bring in $750–850M in revenue this year
  • Speculating on a Disney acquisition, Shane Smith, the CEO of Vice, has said “If you look at the brands like Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars that have [sold] to Disney, they have all gotten bigger. They have all been more successful”

Rio Games Highlight Problems With the Olympic Model

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  • “The International Olympic Committee has taken steps toward reform. But what it demands of nations is basically unchanged: Build us expensive monuments with a shelf life of two weeks.”
  • In this article, Michael Powell from the Times examines what an alternate method for hosting the Olympics could be that would be more beneficial for developing nations

Do You Really, Truly Hate Your Office Printer? There’s a Bat for That

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  • In case you’re looking for business ideas that make money from corporate events, take a look at “Rage Rooms”
  • “Rage rooms” are springing up all over the country for customers to vent their anger by smashing objects, including dishes and old furniture. Printers are often the most in-demand item
  • At Battle Sports in Toronto, rates begin at $45 CAD for a 45-minute smashing session that includes a printer. The year-old company goes through at least 15 printers a week, and saves the biggest machines it can scavenge for corporate parties

What Life Looks Like After the World’s Most Extensive Face Transplant

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  • Warning! This article has some sort of graphic photos/videos
  • A while ago, there were a few articles about a guy who received a full face transplant. This is a follow-up with him a year after the operation about how he is feeling and what he thinks of his operation (that he only had a 50% chance of surviving)
  • He says he’s happy with the operation, and he recently took his five children to Disney World, where he was able to swim with them for the first time since his face injury in 2001

Want to Own a Newspaper? A Vermont Contest Has Trouble Finding Takers

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  • In case you have had a lifelong dream of owning a small-town newspaper in Vermont, you should enter this essay competition where the prize is a newspaper with a paid circulation of 2,200 subscribers
  • The Rutland Herald, founded in 1794, calls itself “the oldest continuously family-owned newspaper in the United States published under the same name in the same city.”
  • An interesting look at a dying newspaper from another newspaper that is also struggling to make its way in a world of Buzzfeed clickbait
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