And then, he started to jot down something in Medium…

Just like a little kid waiting to catch a dangling apple about to fall, I roll my legs up in my chair pondering random things, desperate to grasp anything important relevant to my great 2018 New Year Resolution.

24 years of extensive data has assured me that New Year Resolution are never made to keep, but my vision of 2018 are pretty clear: becoming an 
open channel of knowledge to beginners”.

To be frank, I am not a professional nor a scholar; never submitted a paper on scientific journal, never lectured in university class. I am just an university student (who holds some spikes of curiosity and extraordinary talent in organizing knowledge in an eeaasssy way!).

But I believe it doesn’t take many conditions to become an helpful knowledge provider. If you are enthusiastic, you can always format knowledge in a useful way to help others learn easily. On internet, everyone becomes a learner and teacher. And as a learner myself, I have great advantage over professionals in that I am on beginners side, which force my delivering materials very easy to understand! Plus, this is one of the things I love doing!

So, lets tackle down some hard stuffs!
Lets play with concepts, flattening the sophisticated technology into a tutorial that is easily readable, chewable, thinkable!

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