WeTrust: Lending Circles Going Blockchain

Project: WeTrust

Team/Founders 4/5

Market Potential 4/5

Product/Business/Operating Plan 2/5

Competition 4/5

Valuation 3/5

Legality 2/5

Security 2/5

Conclusion — Neutral (with a possibility of being positive)

  1. Roadmap: Does not explain or discuss what value is given or lost to different stakeholders, how user adoption is affected and growth will change with different funding levels (Updated, but updates does still not address what happens at different funding levels)
  2. Go-to market strategy: Does not address crypto adoption at all, treating it as a non-existing problem. In general very little is discussed about the go-to market strategy. (Updated, but does not still address crypto adoption and if that is a requirement)
  3. Legal: No legal or regulatory discussion or information, either for the tokens/investors or for the service (Updated for crowdsale participants)
  4. Security: Discussion does not cover the most important aspect of dApp development, validation testing.
  5. Token sale/structure: Large min/max range, sale structure that encourages speculation instead of long-term investments, spam-promoting bounties




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Daniel Zakrisson

Daniel Zakrisson

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