Chapter 2.

I have not bought a Harley-Davidson.
I have not dyed my hair.
Or bought a leather jacket.

I am getting divorced. It’s complicated.
And my professional life is in a weird space. Also, complicated.

Let us call it what it is then:

A mid-life. Crisis.

Welcome, to Chapter 2.

Where I consciously choose to close off parts of my past. Where I choose to create. Where I explore my future with loosely held assumptions.

Where I optimise for: Connection. Growth. Learning.

I am asking your help, with that.

If you are reading this. Reach out. This is me asking:

  • If we haven’t spoken in a while, let us reconnect.
  • If you know of someone who will benefit from having a conversation with me, connect us.
  • Please fill in this survey of working with me — it will help me professionally.
  • If you like the kind of things I say and write about: Sign up for my newsletter.

For the record: I am not discounting the Harley and I do think I will rock a leather jacket.

Ain’t dyeing the hair though. That’s a hard line — mostly because it is a receding one.

Email me:

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