How Bad Design Ruined Miss Universe 2015

You probably saw the hilarious finale from Miss Universe presented by Steve Harvey. One thing is for sure: a better design could save the embarrassment.

Below original card

Image Source @cbs4indy

This is probably the silliest piece of design of a multi-million dollar show that we saw in the last years. Let’s not forget that probably the design was done by an overpaid design agency.

Let’s break down the design:
 1. Miss Universe winner is the most important message, but here it looks more like a footnote;
 2. “Philippines” as the winner doesn’t stand out: color(s), font size, elements;
 3. There aren’t any graphical elements and it just looks like a design done in Microsoft Word

Redesigned Cards

Version 1

Version 2

It took me 15 minutes to design the 2 versions, using a free tool called Canva, not even Photoshop. I’ve played with the hierarchy of the messages: 2nd and 1st runner up vs. Miss Universe. I also used a distinctive position of “Miss Universe”, so it will be easy to read and adding it into a box.

My personal opinion is that bad design ruined Miss Universe 2015, not Steve Harvey. So Steve, head up and don’t feel bad.

Ionut Danifeld — Digital Marketing and Marketing Professional, Entrepreneur by Definition

Originally published at on December 23, 2015.