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  • October 2017

After getting called Uncle several times lately I did realized I am not the youngest anymore. Although, what is Age? Just a Number right? Isn’t the state of mind determine my Identity? The Creator. The…

I am blown away by the craziness and the raw reality of God. Recapping the last 4 month back in Germany it was a blast. A time full and so rich. So enjoyable. I loved it so much going to tons of weddings (7 to be accurate), shooting some of…

  • July 2017

July, the month full of different adventures. Great pleasure always fills my heart when we get in the car to head on Sundays to the parking lots on the highway. A6 is usually the spot where we distribute little square books…

  • May 2017

Welcome back Home.
These words still ring in my ears. Yet I am already in Germany for 45 full nights.
Step right into the new adventure which lays ahead and this is what I tried.
Joining an evangelistic Tent Conference is, where I…

Dani Fuchs

Share the love of God through practical application. Photographer, Builder and Designer at heart. www.danifuchs.com

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