MARIO, the faithful Artist

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Mario, a 41 year old Panamanian who saw in the last few weeks the hand of god moving quite a lot. Together with his wife Daira, the family from the Wounaan tribe discovered beginning of October 2016, that we will be building a house in partnership with him and his family. One of many times God does, what he had promised thousands of years ago.

And this is his story…

“It broke my heart hearing my son say, that he doesn’t want to die in his house since its so full of cracks”, he mentioned to us one day. Anytime his house could collapse under the earthquakes they experience. Many people in Panama don’t own proper housing and sanitation areas and for quite a number of people the daily income is below minimum wage. But what is fascinating is the fact that these precious people don’t act like that. The usual response would be a poverty mindset which expects of foreigners to release money all over. Instead their hospitality and courage to go through life with smiles and ease blows our minds.

It took him by surprise when we broke the news that he would be receiving a new home in the weeks ahead. He wasn’t use to receiving, since he choses to take a good bite of his time to pour into lifes of others discipling them and helping them grow into a closer and more intimate relationship with God.

Everything stopped and got refocused on the task ahead. Laying a solid foundation of gravel mixed with soil and pounded down. That was his task. But easier said than done with not even enough money to feed his family for a day. But God came through once again, providing for his children in a very individual way.

Through lots of open doors, the foundation was laid and the concrete slot was ready to be poured. Nine metal beams were brought in place and painting of the raw untouched material began its way in the little town of “Las Margaritas”.


The wildest story came from his son Charlie though, who during that time secretly signed up for a english class in which only 35 people of his entire school got invited. And as Mario was laying his foundation at the new house, he received a call from the school asking if the parents where aware that their 14 year old son applied for an english class. Full of confusion and stress he agreed not knowing what actually happened. Soon he found out that his son was one of the best students of his school ready and willing to study english. Through some talks Mario and his wife found out that the school costs was 2,100$ for the class. That night Charlie had a dream that the school gave him a gift in form of a pencil case and a pencil. A clear sign for him to continue pursue this passion because 65% of the businesses in Panama come from foreigners.
But that was not the price the school asked him to pay. 699$ was he suppose to pay. Very blown away but still a rough number because he had nothing Mario and his family witnessed that the school kept dropping the price a couple of times until the final number of 299$ was set.
Trusting that God will come through Mario witnessed again the hand of God providing through a variety of way and he is now dead free ready with his family to move into the newly built house and Charlie to start his english school.

We asked Mario about one extra ordinary truth that he could encourage the world with and with tear in his eyes and reality hitting him he shared with us this:

“God will never abandon his children. He will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Emotionally touched he paused and with the realization of a new future the few words he could speak was filled with gratefulness and vision for his life and the lives of the people he will empower day by day. “The only thing I can truly say is a big thanks to God.”

And with a heart filled of God’s crazy miracles, we march on to see more lifes being changed and Visions being casted.

“Hurray to the one, who deserves it all.”

Share the love of God through practical application. Photographer, Builder and Designer at heart.

Share the love of God through practical application. Photographer, Builder and Designer at heart.