The first step to sorting your shit out.

I suck at telling stories and im pretty new at writing so im going to keep it very real with you.

First of all. You need to realise that no matter how bad your life might look on the outside there is


That is the first thing you need to understand, if you have a dick 2 nipples and 5 fingures (in most cases) you have a brain on your shoulders you are absolutely okay with the way you are and you need to stop caring about what others think of you.

Most people live their lives trying to impress others and making other people happy whether it is our parents or our spouses reality is all that shit does not matter, what matters is what true to you, and if you dont know what is true to you (which is probaly the case as you are still reading) here is the one step that is currently helping me build a better picture of who i am.


Honestly, if you are like me you are probably about to swtch to another article with the idea that fuck i cant read on but listen… here me out..

Honestly whateber you are thinking, feeling, expressing start writing it into paper on a daily basis, write as much fucking content as you can all your thoughts, emotions feelings, put them into paper (i personally use notes on mac) without thinking too much, what you start to realise is that you start seeing aspects of yourself that you did not see before.

Psychologists call it expressive writing.

Google it.