Samsung Update Downgrade! Beware!!!

😍🥰 This is the story of a girl who used to brag to everyone she was a "Samsung Girl". She was happy having Samsung phone, tv, tablets and she was happy that her phone looked nothing like an apple product.

She used to constantly impress so…

DNA Activation and a Happy 2019 to ENFPs?

May this 2019 be The year you allow your True Source to be your guide as well as the pilot. May this be the Initiation of a new level of The Game. Where you sit and cruise, enjoying the view, being an…

Who are the Greys | What do they want | What plans to these aliens have for Mankind and Planet Earth.

Here is just one of the many opinions that Burlington UFO Center will try to provide the reader and researcher with concerning the Alien Race commonly known as the Greys.

The Greys Agenda
by Alex Collier
Source: The Leading Edge
February 1977

The Greys made contact with a world…

Barbara Marciniak, da Carolina do Norte nos Estados Unidos, é internacionalmente conhecida como canal mediúnico, e como autora de livros como ‘Terra — Chaves Pleiadianas para a Biblioteca Viva’, ‘Family of Light’ e ‘Bringers of the Dawn’ (‘Mensageiros do Amanhecer’, na tradução portuguesa). Barbara começou a canalizar em maio de…

🌹Daniela Goulart🌹

🇧🇷 Brazilian. 🎥Los Angeles. 🌎World Traveler. 📷Photographer 🖱️Digital Nomad. 🚀Lifestyle Entrepreneur. 🍃Mindful Living Coach. 🎶Zouk Dancer.

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