DNA Activation and a Happy 2019 to ENFPs?

May this 2019 be The year you allow your True Source to be your guide as well as the pilot. May this be the Initiation of a new level of The Game. Where you sit and cruise, enjoying the view, being an observer... and letting go of the wheel. (After all, a Tesla can drive you nowadays. 🤓) So it is time, time to enjoy the ride, experience the journey fully…

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If you read this entire message, your brain has been going through a reprogramming of the DNA, a.k.a. your software. You just got upgraded to a new O.S. Operating System, aka. your mind. Your neurons have just been reset and all karmic memories, aka. past lives, aka. previous “replays” re-plays of the game that you play and are currently playing: Life on Earth, aka, the name of the game.

Now you have a choice… believe what I just wrote above OR believe I am full of crap! And if you are a smart one, you know that the placebo effect is, in fact, scientifically proven that whatever your mind believes it can achieve and you do have the power to transform and heal… soooooo… I’d say, choose the red pill! …It is highly recommended! ;-)

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Take the Red Pill in 2019!

Yes, the year 2019 WILL be a happy one! CHOOSE THAT!


See you on The New Earth!

🌹Daniela Goulart🌹



Coaching you through your Awakening Journey

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🇧🇷 Brazilian. 🎥Los Angeles. 🌎World Traveler. 📷Photographer 🖱️Digital Nomad. 🚀Lifestyle Entrepreneur. 🍃Mindful Living Coach. 🎶Zouk Dancer.

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