Samsung Update Downgrade! Beware!!!

😍🥰 This is the story of a girl who used to brag to everyone she was a "Samsung Girl". She was happy having Samsung phone, tv, tablets and she was happy that her phone looked nothing like an apple product.

She used to constantly impress so many Apple users with her gorgeous photos captured on her Samsung Galaxy S8 Note.

She used to make everyone's jaws drop with her impressive videos and photos captured in manual mode while using the incredible Samsung Camera App and the amazing freedom of white balance control while recording videos and taking photos at the same time...

She was building an entire brand and business around that... All her friends and clients (usually iphone users) were jealous at the features her Galaxy phone app was able to do...

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Your camera app was soooo good I didn't even use my DSLR anymore. Your features were so good I didn't even need to do post-production editing or color enhancements. You were enough in my photography life Samsung! I was so in love with your camera 8.0 version.

UNTIL now.... WTF, Samsung!?

How can you betray me like this? I was so loyal to you and your brand! I was a true fan. I was a free advocate who proudly advertised your brand and your camera app features to the world for FREE!

How can you DOWNGRADE your camera app and remove all the features that made me proud of being a Samsung Girl?

How do you turn the best photo app on the market to a cheap version of an Iphone lookalike? If I wanted a restricted gadget, I would buy an iPhone! I chose to be a Samsung Girl because of all the features and freedom you give me with your apps.

And now you take all of that away from me? You remove the best features you had:

. Video and Photo button next to each other ready for me to capture what I want on the spot.
. Full manual mode while shooting video
. White balance control while shooting video
. Filters while shooting video
. Additional shutter button to be placed anywhere I want on the screen

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How? Why? Wtf? What is your strategy behind instead of improving an app you choose to destroy it!? Why go backwards? Why? Why? Why?

Who are the morons behind the decisions on this camera downgrade "update" to version 9.0?

After one of the best video shoots of my life, you broke my heart badly! 💔

Please anyone out there, help me! I want to go back in time and never had updated my camera app!

HELP ME REVERT TO VERSION 8! Any info and guidance on the matter is appreciated.

@danigula 🥺

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