Food is an essential part of everyone’s lives. It gives us the energy and nutrients to grow and develop, be healthy and active, to move, work, play, think and learn, in other words to survive in this world.

Hunger born, which is the painful sensation or exhausted condition that one feels from want of food. In relation to countries, it is also the scarcity of food, either for a short period (a year) or consistently for many years. It may occur because of any catastrophic disaster such as flood etc. or may from the effects of complex political, economic and climatic adversities. As someone said,

“ Hunger is not an issue of charity. It is an issue of justice”

Some people says it’s the only responsibility of government to fulfill the necessities of poor ones but in actual it’s the duty of all mankind to help each other and develop a peaceful environment.

Same as many developing countries Pakistan has also facing problems in which they are unable to provide better food or living standard to all people. As it is not the only responsibility of the government, we are also liable to help them. For providing food I with my other group member Usman Mustafa, Daniyal Hafeez, Waleed Bin Obaid, Abdul Rahman and Ibtisam targeted the area of Dharampura opposite railway lines which is the unprivileged area. We decided to initiate by distributing the food among them.

After completing our planning there was a time to implement it. For this purpose, we gave order of Biryani to a cook. At the next morning, I meet with Daniyal and made our final preparation. We just had to receive our Biryani boxes and then went to that place and started distribution but as there is not story that ends with a climax so something was also occur at that day.

The Biryani boxes was collected by the Daniyal and then we all other members meet with him at the distribution place. After attending my classes I phoned Daniyal but there was no response (connection problem) I tried again and again but there was no answer form his side. It had made me so tensed but I was still waited and finally after 1 and a half hour we contacted through message . After resolving all this issues I along with my friends reached to the relevant place.

We started the distribution process by giving the boxes door to door. The first word that we all were speak was “ Alhumdulillah” . Why we speak this because Allah blessed us with a great life style and too much better than there. They are living a life we never ever supposed to live.

As we distributed door to door but the kids are kids they all gathered and started looking us with amaze.

While we were distributing the boxes, we reached at house where an old lady was washing the dishes. After receiving the boxes and respect from our side she smiled beautifully.

I notice that there was something she was drying or preserving but the condition was not good to identify that thing. So, I asked her that, “what is this? “ and she replied that, “ It’s a beef, mutton and chicken meat and we are preserving it.”

Then we moved on to next house and we see 2 male doing something and in answer to my question one of them replied me that we are making “Bhangh”. It was a type of drug extract from leaves. We immediately move on ….

We distributed the boxes to all houses and the remaining to the kids. We also took pictures with the kids and loved that the way a mother told her younger daughter to wear her shirt and then she was started dressing the hair of her another daughter. Apart from that they have no resources she desires that her daughters look beautiful and so she had dressed them.

It was a superb experience and never accomplished without the corporation of my team members. A special Thank you to my friends Sameen Shahzad, Muhammad Junaid, Muhammad Ahmad and Fariha Asif to facilitate with us without any mean.

This initiative of us goes well and we hope that we will continue it with determination and corporation.

Keep continue this initiative me and my friends plan to organize “ Dastaqkhawan” by collecting funds from our class. I hope we can accomplish our plans soon.