Learnings at Amal 😍

“The journey of life having life in it.”

At the End we all start thinking about how we started at this place. Why we are here? What was our plan? And what we have learned so far?
I joined Amal because of my friend who was just like me before fellowship, Shy, timid, depressed and hesitant but as he graduated, I saw his 2.0 version. A confident, self possessed and a poised guy. That was enough to light me up for applying at Amal. Thanks to God that I was selected in my third attempt, and I had applied two times without getting selected just following my friend who told me to take Failures as Opportunities. Now I can relate it as it is also one of the lesson at Amal !!
Talking about the Journey at Amal, I have learned so many things that it is hard to even count. I have found myself here at Amal like “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory” or “Harry potter at Hogwarts”. It was amazing, wonderful, unbelievable and magical. It was like my ideal Institute to study at. Amal upgraded me !!

Amal Family B33

I came to Know Myself and learned the value of time, lifelong learning, team work, leadership, mentor-ship, thinking positively, going Extra-mile, Excel skills, how to be more Productive and many other things. The lesson that struck in my Mind is “Gratitude”. I am really amazed to learn the ways we can show our gratitude for others. Gratitude shown by Amal Team is just amazing. One can simply win other people’s heart by just being grateful.

Showing Gratitude is really a starting point for achieving big things in life. It is connected with all other lessons as after practically applying these lessons we end up showing Gratitude. I was really amazed during the session in which we were told about the power of “thanx thanx thanx”. Taking positive out of bad experiences and even thanking it was just mind blowing.

Meat being preserved in slum area

This lesson changed me. I started thanking each and everything around me and started thinking that if these things are not there what would had happened. I am even thankful to the refrigerator as it helped us to preserve food like I saw how people living in slums preserved meat without Refrigerator. Moreover I reach out people just to thank them before they leave. Recently I thanked my fellow fellows for admiring me and talking positive about me during the sticky notes activity. I have really got myself immune at thanking others and that is the best thing I learnt in my fellowship.

At the end I would like to thank Sir Benje William for this best Institute, Madam Sarah, Sir Ali, Sir Awais Farooq Roy for their amazing work at Amal, Ma’m ZARA , Zahra and Sir Asjad for making my journey awesome. Also all of the Amal team, alumni for their support. Hope to always stay connected. #HappyLearning

Thanx Thanx Thanx