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Mike Roberts

Kik has been around for a while and we thought that the name “kik” on Azer’s NPM package could have caused confusion. In fact, once Azer had made it clear that he wasn’t going to change the name, we decided to use a different name for an upcoming package we are going to publish to NPM. We did hope that Azer would change his mind, but we were proceeding under a different package name even when we were told we could have the name Kik.

not quite sure how the paragraph above corresponds to the messages below:

We’re not getting anywhere with this — can you guys help? We have KIK registered as a Trademark in many countries of the World, including US and EU and have over 270 Million users. We’d like to release our package under the name kik, and are afraid if we don’t our users will be confused by Azer’s kik package. We really don’t want to involve lawyers and are trying to be reasonable, but Azer doesn’t seem to want to be reasonable.
Any help would be appreciated.
Can you guys help. He doesn’t seem to be complying with your “be respectful” terms. :-)
Hi: Sorry to be a pain about this, but I’d really rather not get lawyers involved and all of that. Can you guys help at all? Azer seems to be acting pretty poorly.

I am not a lawyer and haven’t read carefully neither trademark history nor npm usage agreement nor any other stuff involved into this story, so i am not sure who are actually have the rights.

but it doesn’t seems that you guys

decided to use a different name for an upcoming package we are going to publish to NPM

Looks like an attempt to say *whatever* to restore reputation even if it is not truth. Be careful guys, even once you have done some controversial things — such posts could just break people trust in your trademark completely…

I am keeping behind the scene the fact that you’ve posted your private conversation to public place…

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