100 Days of Code: Day 10

Woohoo! Made it 1/10th of the way!

Wanted to make a really quick post before I went to bed. I’m going to have a rough day at work tomorrow so I’ll need the extra rest.

With the assist of a fellow camper on the FreeCodeCamp Forums, I was able to get the description of the weather for that day to show up correctly. Now I just need to find some icons to test out my work and make sure my loops are functional and things don’t break.

Still working on a Chrome work-a-round that will allow me to use OpenWeatherMap API with Geolocating, but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. May just have to make a note of it somewhere on the site to use Firefox instead and move on. Hate to do that but if a company is blocking me from using my app the way it’s meant to, them I’m screwed. There may be another option though, but I’ll test that out after I get done with the weather icons.

Also worked on my UX Designer portfolio today. Tried out some templates I thought would have what I was looking for with interactivity, but sadly they didn’t. So I think I’m going to modify a page on my current portfolio, set it to not publish on save, and test things out there.

Well, I’m off to bed. Stay awesome and code on!