100 Days of Code: Day 13

FreeCodeCamp Coding:
Repeat a string repeat a string
Truncate a string (started)

Know what you shouldn’t do? Code while not feeling well. While I was coding in South Carolina, I didn’t code while I was tired and tried to code while it was daytime and when my nephew was napping.

But what I didn’t do was code after I got heat sick. Ugh! Heat sickness! I’m still suffering from this! And I’m exhausted on top of that. I was only really able to complete Repeat a string repeat a string without too much trouble. I have Truncate a string started, and know what I need to do to complete the challenge, but I’m just not feeling well enough to work anymore.

So I’m going to hydrate and head to bed early tonight. Here’s hoping I can feel better tomorrow.

But seriously folks, coders don’t let other coders work while sick. Because errors pile up and will just frustrate you to no end.